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The Northwest Passage

By DOS - Tom Gizynski, 02/07/19, 8:15PM CST


The Northwest Passage produces outdoor adventures for day-campers, overnighters and the whole family. Since 1983 Northwest Passage guides and instructors have introduced tens of thousands of adventurers of all ages to the challenges and joys of outdoor pursuits like sea kayaking, rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding, backpacking, even dogsledding to the North Pole and climbing some of the world’s tallest peaks.

 Our passion for outdoor fun is infectious, our professionalism unparalleled. Our programming expands horizons and is supported by over three decades of experience. The Northwest Passage makes high adventure accessible to all. 

Northwest Passage camps are designed to be fun (of course!), but more significantly they develop young adventurers. The outdoor world holds a lifetime of enriching experiences for those with the confidence and skills to seek them out. Northwest Passage programming gets you out there and lays a foundation for you to explore further. 

Weeklong half and full-day programs introduce younger campers to sea kayaking and stand up paddleboarding in the North Shore’s local waterways. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, campers have fun while honing highly transferable water safety skills. Attention all “waterbugs”, this is the camp for you!

Day and overnight programs for teenage adventurers develop more advanced leadership and outdoor skills. Climb up a rock face but also understand the roped belay system that makes climbing safe. Help build a belay system and manage it yourself.  

Teen programs are like an “adventure learner’s permit”. Participants have the opportunity to “get in the driver’s seat” in a controlled outdoor setting. Teen programs also expand self-sufficiency and teamwork. Encountering new outdoor challenges with great friends is the focal point, but collateral experiences like pitching camp as a group, sharing responsibilities and planning trip logistics readies campers for leadership roles in any setting.

Northwest Passage family adventures make it easy to enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. Activity based outdoor adventures are such valuable experiences, but planning and producing them can require prior knowledge and a big chunk of time. 

Let The Northwest Passage take care of the logistics and the “gruntwork”. You just need to show up ready for fun. The only question is how much fun do you want to have: an afternoon on the water? A weekend in the woods? A week of island hopping? Double dip and make it two weeks? The Northwest Passage has your needs covered.

We offer a spectrum of paddling and hiking trips throughout the Midwest’s wooded shorelines and even venture to far away places like Kilimanjaro, the Amalfi Coast and South Africa with adventurous families. If you have the spirit but don’t think you have the experience to enjoy such an adventure, rest assured that The Northwest Passage can prepare you and your family to make the absolute most of your time together. We make adventure dreams a reality.

Our mission is to get you ready, and get you going on a lifetime of adventure. See you out there!